What is Bitport and how does it work?

Bitport is online torrent downloader which helps users to safely download torrents to their personal cloud. From this cloud, users can stream or download torrents to to their computer or mobile device.

How to begin promoting Bitport?

After registration to our affiliate program all you need to do is to click on Promotion tab and choose either from banner or text link. After you have done that, copy link to show on your website and that’s it. We also recommend using Campaign feature to keep track of earning from your different links.

How does commission tracking works?

Commissions are calculated from each first purchase of a new customer. To determine from which publisher new customer is coming, we use cookies. If a customer blocks cookies, we can’t grant the commission to the publisher. Cookies are stored for 30 days.

What is the commission rate?

Commission rate is 50 % from first purchase of a new customer. Unfortunately, in the EU there are additional costs due to the Value added tax (VAT), deducted by individual EU members and added to the costs. Therefore In the EU only, the final commision is calculated from the payment after VAT has been subtracted.

Can customers try out Bitport before purchase?

Yes they can. We offer free plan and even 30 days money back guarantee for the premium plan. Customers do not need to be afraid to buy premium for trial and because our service works well, most of customers stick with us.

What are Pending commissions?

Because of the 30 day money back guarantee protecting our customers, we can pay out commissions only after this time period has ended. Otherwise, the whole affiliate system could be abused. If customer does not request a refund within 30 days, money is available to be payed out.

How does commission payout work?

Just go to Payouts, click on “Request New Payout” and fill in the request form.

Is there any payout minimum?

There is no payout minimum. Unlike other affiliate programs, we do not want to hold publishers’ money as a hostage. You can ask for any amount of money you have made. However, as a part of our Fair use policy, we have decided to charge 5 USD if the requested amount is lower than 50 USD. In case of payout 50 USD or more there are only costs associated with money transfer depending on the chosen method.

How long does it take for commissions to by payed out after my request?

It usually takes about 7 days depending on chosen payout method.

Can I get payed if I can not issue an invoice?

Yes, you can. Just follow instructions in New payout request.

How can Campaigns help me to track sales?

Campaigns is useful tool to track performance of each advertising source on your website. Every campaign generates different affiliate link for your propagation tools (banners, text links), allowing you to track them separately.

What types of promotion are available?

Currently, you can use text links and wide range of banners. New types of promotion as for example landing pages are being developed right now.

What happens if user clicks on someone else’s affiliate link after clicking mine?

Cookie is overwritten. Commission is always assigned to the owner of the last clicked affiliate link.

Are there any other ways of promoting Bitport?

We are currently preparing them. Please contact us for more details at [email protected].

What is the average response time of our affiliate manager?

During the working week it usually takes less than 48 hours. During Weekends it can take up to 72 hours. However, we are always trying to respond as fast as possible.

Is Bitport safe to use?

Yes, security of our users is important to us. Torrents are downloaded by Bitport servers, other seeders can not see users’ IP address. All communication between servers and users is encrypted and all torrents are checked by NOD32 antivirus.

Do you have more questions?

Write us at [email protected] and one of our affiliate managers will contact you.